C4D流体液体水制作模拟插件 RealFlow C4D [MacOS] [R17-R20]

C4D流体液体水制作模拟插件 RealFlow C4D [MacOS] [R17-R20]

4D流体液体水制作模拟插件 RealFlow C4D [MacOS] [R17-R20]

This second version of RealFlow | Cinema 4D brings the plugin closer to the main RealFlow software and comes with even tighter and more robust integration with the native Cinema 4D tools.

RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.5 adds some of the most recent RealFlow features, such as the new Multiphysics solver and the possibility for interaction between different fluids in the same scene. Cinema 4D users can now enjoy the faster and easier workflow inside the Cinema 4D interface, plus the latest RealFlow developments for their high-end small and medium scale fluids.

Here are just some of the new features and improvements:

  • New Multiphysics solver (Granular, Viscous, Viscoelastic, Rigid, and Elastic)
  • Force daemon and Killer daemon controllability with native Cinema 4D falloffs
  • Interaction between different fluids in the same scene
  • New Volume tag for objects
  • Possibility to have more than one Scene in the same document
  • Particle Skinner daemon
  • 支持软件 R17 R18 R19 R20
  • 支持系统 win mac




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